♫♪  Merchandise - “Who Are You?”

Iowa City record label Night People has a habit of collecting artists who create music barely recognizable, but still thoroughly rooted, within genre lines. It’s like the label name Night People is a statement of intent; artists producing familiar sounds under the night’s shroud of darkness when all of the weirdos start to come out. Tampa’s Merchandise make a kind of blues rock so buried in 90s-style distortion that whatever defining terms used to describe their sound hardly manage to hit the mark. What’s strange is how appropriate the vast spectrum of genres explored on the label sound once those two words — “Night People” — are attached.

Listen below to “Who Are You?” from Merchandise’s appropriately-named Night People EP, Totale Night, and look for the entire LP April 2.

• Merchandise: http://merchandisetheband.wordpress.com
• Night People: http://raccoo-oo-oon.org/np

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