Wharf Cat Records announces double LP benefit comp for the ACLU, featuring Profligate, The Men, Alice Cohen, and more

Wharf Cat Records announces double LP benefit comp for the ACLU, featuring Profligate, The Men, Alice Cohen, and more

It’s a swanky-smelling weekday and I hop into my Jeep and I pull out my compact disc booklet and I set to flipping. Nothing catches my fancy. It’s getting late and if I don’t get rolling soon I’ll hit traffic on the interstate and my boss’ll probably can me without a second thought. But nothing’s catching my fancy. All the albums I’ve got feature one, maybe two artists. Not enough for my ravenous, off-road tastes. And, what’s more, not a single one of them is actively raising money for the ACLU.

I bet now that I’ve got your head all wobbling up and down with my super relatable Jeep yarn you’re just dying for what’s next, and you betcha, I’m here to tell you about a new compilation coming out in support of the ACLU. It’s courtesy of the probably Jeep drivers over at Wharf Cat records, and can I just say that I am dying to type out a partial list of the artists included? Let’s save it for the next graph, though.

The Men, Profligate, Pop 1280, Alice Cohen, Blanche Blanche Blanche, Merchandise, and way more. “Way more?” you ask through the mesh of your after-market Jeep half door. That’s right, pal. In fact, there’s so many more that this benefit compilation is a double LP. So, put that in your Jeep’s cigarette lighter and use it to smoke something, why don’t you? And while you’re at it, take a gander at the whole compilation’s tracklist below. It’s a long one, but you’ve got plenty of time to read it before the comp drops on April 20.

In fact, smartypants, you’ve got so much time that you might as well pre-order the thing and listen to two cuts from the comp. — “Hourglass” by Alice Cohen and “Too Sensitive” by Dollar Band — down below before you even start in on reading that tracklist. (Trust me, it’ll still be there.)

ACLU Benefit Compilation tracklist:

01. Dollar Band - “Too Sensitive”
02. The Men - “Shimmer and Shine”
03. Psychic Blood - “Dissident “
04. Mail Thief - “Pliable”
05. Ornament - “Faithful Essence”
06. Alice Cohen “Hourglass”
07. Palberta - “When I Come”
08. Weeping Icon - “Ankle”
09. SIGNAL - “Park After Dark”
10. Old Maybe - “Making Alone (Demo)”
11. Snakehole - “Dorian Grey Elephants”
12. Pop 1280 - “When No One Cares”
13. Jeff Zagers - “Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day”
14. Abandon - “Calorie Giri”
15. Blanche Blanche Blanche - “Size Blind (Live in Brooklyn 2016)”
16. The Sediment Club - “B and the Electric Kill“
17. Kate Mohanty - “Priorities”
18. Merchandise - “Out Of Time”
19. Profligate - “Don’t Let Go”
20. House of Feelings - “Keep on Running (Black Cola Coffee Mix)”
21. Cheerleader - “Vain”
22. Horoscope - “Bri”

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