♫♪  MIND CLUB - PURGEmix.1 & PURGEmix. II


Construction has been reeking havoc on the building I live within since 9 AM this AM. So, I felt it was ultra appropriate to blast the new SYN STAN PURGEmix .II by ABBY at blaring levels of discomfort. Like, all these bangs and drills and sawing, hammering, screwing —like: WE GET IT. DUDE. Still, I get a thundering knock on my door for one of my neighbors, who in Mandarin tells me, “我拒绝你的音乐!” *pointing at my stereo* This neighbor for real thought I had other people in my apartment. And no, it’s just me. Throwing up solo smoke with ABBY on the SYN STAN PURGEmix .II. Only socks and an XXL long sleeve shirt on. Invite someone to dance:

CHAi-t Shivas Rebirth PURGEmix .1

On the whisper-mix, CHAi-t flexing a much hood-up vibe in Shivas Rebirth PURGEmix .1 that lays as low as it do it hard. It’s like a situation that puts you in the way of a handgun, then you get shot, and all your blood is a lot slipperier than you once thought. Shivas Rebirth PURGEmix .1 is 100% for fans of recent PTP, Bootleg Tapes, and Stress Equity releases. Secure your mind Mind Club essence:

Also, heads up on a new 204 MURDOK Presents The YIFFERY Edits feat DJ NJ Drone. As well, scope SYNPRESSO on Bootleg Tapes via reel physical.

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