♫♪  Mind Dynamics - All Terrain

It’s weird to think that, after the massive output and homologous push toward a future supreme, no artist has graced the catalogs of both Bootleg Tapes and 1080p. The tape-only labels are just two limbs of a bigger beast, but they consistently reach out and uncover something laboratories have yet to classify. Joint venture of Daniel Freshwater and Brian Whatever (the Whatever 21), Mind Dynamics’ mix of cyber-awareness and overlapping industrial rhythms are at a constant pace of sprint. A two-fugitive spree meant to brush abandonment against assimilation with violent results.

The lab heads caught wind of Mind Dynamics coming onto the Bootleg Tapes team, played a sloppy game of catch-up, and readied a report based off 2013’s Precision Instruments. The report was quickly thrashed around by a hyperrealized Andrew Nerviano before summoning what would be known later as All Terrain &ndash a five-dimensional pit bull and eventual downfall of man.

More tonight at 10.

• Mind Dynamics: https://soundcloud.com/mind-dynamics
• Bootleg Tapes: https://bootlegtapes.bandcamp.com

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