♫♪  Mind Dynamics - Precision Instruments

Agile polyvectors begin to wrap, mutate and unsprindle from a sleek Invisalign frame, dead and wasting cosmetic attachments falling away from the translucent scaffolding of a bold new lifestyle, naked and calibrated for the future. Precision tuning of rhythmo-linguistic #relevance supplied by multi-instrumental theorowizard Daniel Freshwater and his hacked-couture pardner-in-slime Brian Whatever (of Whatever 21 aesthletics) comprise Mind Dynamics, slathering us wit six courses of neural adjustment to ensure easy absorption of the dominant zeitgeist for the Coming of The New Age. Forget what everyone’s talking about, Mind Dynamics is the vibration of the now with the cycles of eternity coded into the masters (courtesy of telepathic prophet Andrew Nerviano).

Zlam a Precision Instruments cassette by Mind Dynamics from the high definition cyborgs over at 1080p, or stream the shits below.

Get calibrated, B. Fuckin precisely, ok?

• Mind Dynamics: https://soundcloud.com/mind-dynamics
• 1080p: http://1080pcollection.bandcamp.com

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