♫♪  Mind Over Mirrors - “Storing the Winter”

After three full-length LPs, through the label-likes of Digitalis, Hands in the Dark, and Aguirre, the music of Mind Over Mirrors (Jaime Fennelly, formerly of Peeesseye) has staked out its own holy corner of the contemporary drone scene — a mandala-in-progress sharing the landscape with the immaculate shrines of gurus and wizards. His sessions breathe with the live input of foot pedals churning, fingers trilling over keys, a head bobbing in time, with what sounds like four or six arms flitting across a command center of oscillators, keyboards, and modular synth elements while intersecting rhythms and tape-delay trails solidify into new layers of the mosaic. At the heart of his rig, Fennelly’s trusty harmonium grounds his explorations in a pure-toned warmth, more indebted to the Indian classical tradition than to the New Age. It seems strange that we can just hit play on the SoundCloud stream of “Storing The Winter” down below, instead of having to unearth and laboriously decode a sheaf of ancient parchments dictating the instructions for the piece’s performance and try to throw together a version ourselves centuries after the fact — but whoa great, we can. It’s right here.

The track opens When The Rest Are Up At Four, Fennelly’s stunning forthcoming full-length on Immune Recordings, due September 17 on LP and CD.

• Mind Over Mirrors: http://mindovermirrors.tumblr.com
• Immune Recordings: http://immunerecordings.net

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