♫♪  Mobilegirl - “Vivibass”

“They gon’ bang this here all summertime”
- Kanye West

It’s that time of year again. Heat, sunglasses, shimmering pools, sweltering car interiors. Shit like that. The season with probably more anthems than any other. So why not delve into an entire genre of summer anthems? It’s probably a good time to develop a taste for Miami Bass if you haven’t already, a genre that thrives in warm weather.

Listen below as STAYCORE affiliate Mobilegirl puts her own spin on the genre — a tad more reverb, some dark synths, sputtering percussion. I’m sensing more ominous vibes on this thing than Miami Bass proper, making it better suited for, say, a breezy late-night drive than a poolside party, but a banger nonetheless.

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