STAYCORE’s Mobilegirl to release debut EP Poise THIS FRIDAY, premieres opening track “Forest Coloss”

STAYCORE's Mobilegirl to release debut EP Poise THIS FRIDAY, premieres opening track "Forest Coloss"
Pro tip: if you want to stay mobile, comfy pants are a must.

Heyyyy, everybody! I’m in a great mood. Can’t stop dancing! Wanna know why? Because one of TMT’s FAVORITE labels, STAYCORE, is putting out ANOTHER release!! This time, it’s mobilegirl’s debut EP Poise, and boy, does it sound promising!

Based in Berlin, mobilegirl has been making music and DJing for a minute now, and while she’s had some great tracks on a few compilations (not to mention a wonderful DISCWOMAN mix), she’s yet to release anything proper. Until now! TMT has the great pleasure of premiering “Forest Coloss” below, a track from her upcoming Poise EP, which is out November 10.

I must admit, Poise’s cover art isn’t a bad visual for how “Forest Coloss” actually sounds. Lush, ambrosial synths illuminate percussive rhythms that brood slowly, building, building, building…until the tension breaks into a flutter of harmony — BEAUTIFUL harmony! — the kind that floods your heart with unending allure! Like “undulating leaves floating in sunlight” and all that sort of stuff, eh?

Okay, okay, I’ll stop being so AWESOME with the descriptions. The important thing to remember is that YOU should listen to this, FEEL the music, and visualize whatever you want; because at the end of the day, it’s all about self-exploration: appreciating the beauty of these tracks while simultaneously appreciating the beauty within yourself. At least, I think that’s what it’s all about? (Sorry, too busy grooving to this thing to sit still and decide…)

Poise EP tracklisting:

01. Forest Coloss
02. Scalene
03. Forever
04. Yellow
05. Lone Ripple
06. Ceremonial Song

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