♫♪  Mondo Lava - “Air Walk”

When Hausu Mountain first dropped Mondo Lava’s hypnotic album Parrot Head Cartridge in 2014, I was swept away by the Davis, CA duo’s blurry drum-circle hallucinations, which followed in the steps of foragers like Dolphins Into the Future in mapping out the trailheads of an island halfway faded to a mirage. Now, the partnership of Jame Kretchum and Leon Roc Hu have returned, taking their jams even further down the path of exotica with the loungey, haunted “Air Walk.” Somewhere between a particularly luscious elevator zone-out and an alternate theme song for that weird resort island in the live-action Scooby-Doo movie, it’s a slippery slide of a track that hints at great, bizarre things to come from Mondo Lava’s forthcoming album, Ogre Heights.

Ogre Heights comes out July 20th on Hausu Mountain, so peruse the vegetation of “Air Walk” until then.

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