Hausu Mountain finds rooftop, megaphone, shouts about new tape batch including Mondo Lava, Dreamcrusher, Tiger Village

Hausu Mountain finds rooftop, megaphone, shouts about new tape batch including Mondo Lava, Dreamcrusher, Tiger Village

Clear the laboratory, ladies and gents, we got us a news post about a tape batch, coming in all triple-wide and germ-like, set to spinning fast in the centrifuge of your mind by horrorcat-themed jokers Hausu Mountain, and manifesting in our homes and automobiles in the form of cassettes from Mondo Lava, Dreamcrusher, and Tiger Village. Set aside, if you please, the fact that it’s scientifically impossible for any germ or germ-like object to morph into a cassette (Dolby NR or no) and roll with me. My friend, this isn’t some science blog your mom linked you to, nope it’s a very real music website, and around these music website parts we sometimes use made up metaphors to get our point across. The denuded point is this: with a thirst to release tapes not quenched by a Jerry Paper and Andy Boay split, or even by a thoroughly sick Moth Cock release, Hausu Mountain (a label run in part by TMT’s very own Mukqs) will release a brand-new three cassette batch on October 21. After a quick consult with your financial planner, of course, you are encouraged to purchase any and all of these cassettes.

First off we’ve got Mondo Lava’s — a mysterious duo out of California — debut Parrot Head Cartridge, which is an hour-long deep dive into looping, crackling tropicalia steam, panned like gold through the underground/noise/drone vibe you know and still love despite the fact that it sometimes stands you up at the farmer’s market. Dreamcrusher, which is a project from Wichita’s Luwayne Glass, presents with Suicide Deluxe, saying to you, over drinks maybe, that “noisy techno” isn’t usually as noisy as it claims to be, and goes ahead and tries to singlehandedly right that ship with screeches and squalls of feedback only choked by kick drum slams. Finally, thirdly, adverbly, there’s Tim Thornton’s work as Tiger Village with V. Thornton’s play is an exercise in brim-stuffing, filling every available crevice with wacked-out synth buzzes and thumps until the whole thing tumbles end over end into something surprisingly taut. You can pre-order the whole batch here, and, because science and The Lord have blessed us, we’ve got streams of a track from each tape below. There’s “Shimmering” by Mondo Lava, “Godless Chic” by Dreamcrusher, and “Cascades” by Tiger Village. If you haven’t clicked yet, you soon will.

Parrot Head Cartridge tracklist:

01. Ocean Labyrinth / Mermaid’s Delight
02. Jubilee
03. Kwaku Limbo
04. Pool Girls
05. Ghosts in the Gold Mine
06. Fire on the Mountain
07. Bimini Run
08. Sea Walk (Ft. G.S. Sultan)
09. Sol Walk
10. Shimmering
11. Turquoise
12. Bimini Run Reprise

Suicide Deluxe tracklist:

01. Suicide Deluxe
02. Novokuznetsk
03. Godless Chic
04. Dracula Meets the Lorelei
05. The Cruelty
06. Goths at the Beach
07. Ghost Orchid
08. Hypernova Bloodbath

V tracklist:

01. Alailia
02. Cascades
03. Emilie (Sea)
04. Pink Chain III (Moon)
05. Tarantism
06. And I Don’t Really Care That Much
07. Pink Chain IV
08. Dream II
09. Hattershakes

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