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The first red flag was when my moms told me she was reading about shape-shifters on YouTube, including future maps of America, having her astrology read the past 15 years, and NWO. Then she gave me these books to read, which I did on the beach: F⃠RBIDDEN ARCHEOLOGY: The Hidden History of the Human Race, the David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy (and how to end it), and Göbekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods. Now all this election shit thinking Donald Trump will probably be the last American president…

Maybe Hausu Mountain is just as terrified because one half of the label’s ownership, MrDougDoug dropped These Magical Numbers today, ELECTION DAY, in a collage of stars, spangles, and banners. Legit, if paranoia didn’t sound like “69 Starspangled 420” and end with “182 In Reptiles We Trust 666,” I don’t know how to better finish this sentence, like. Like button. Thumbs up. They’re not looking at me. Then I left my copy of the David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy (and how to end it) in my desk for a week, and moms invited me over for a huge, home cooked meal followed by an hour of how dangerous leaving this book in my desk can be. Fear:

Words From MrDougDoug

It’s be©oming in©®easingly ©lea® to all of those who a®e woke that the Reptilian Overlords™ have taken full ©ommand of Planet Earth™. As we app®oa©h an ele©tion that many ag®ee is ‘the most important ele©tion of ou® lifetimes’, eve®yone must make a ve®y impo®tant de©ision: whethe® to suppo®t Red Lizard Guy™ or Blue Lizard Woman™. It’s also p®etty ©lea® that The Illuminati™ play an impo®tant ®ole in this global ©onspi®a©y, spying on our eve®y move. “But whe®e ©an I find this Illuminati™?”, you might ask you®self. You don’t need to find them, be©ause they found you de©ades ago and a®e t®a©king you® eve®y move ®ight now. The NSA™ monito®s all of ou® ©ommuni©ation, Facebook™ and Google™ t®a©k ou® eve®y ©lick, you® Apple™ iPhone pings a satellite with you® lo©ation eve®y step of the way, and ou® enti®e digital ®eality [whi©h at this point takes up mo®e ®eal estate than ou® physi©al ®eality] is ©a®efully ©onstr®u©ted by the powe®s that be.

These Magical Numbers is a new album from Chicago-based music-art-composerish-guy MrDougDoug – co-operator of Hausu Mountain, and member of free-rock trio Good Willsmith. The album is slated for self-release on cassette and digitally on Election Day™ - November, 8th, 2016 – via MrDougDoug’s Bandcamp.

MrDougDoug sat down with Jimmy™ from the Fox News Network™ to answer a few questions about These Magical Numbers:

Jimmy™: MrDougDoug – thank you for taking the time to meet with me today. Let’s get straight into it… can you tell me a little bit about how you made These Magical Numbers?

MrDougDoug: Thanks Jimmy™ – the pleasure is all mine. Both of the tracks are live performances using tabbed browsing and YouTube™ as the instrument. I simply opened up several videos in separate tabs and controlled their playback, speed, and volume. I recorded the two tracks on the evening of September 10th and the early morning of September 11th, 2016.

Jimmy™: So let me get this straight… isn’t that like… completely illegal or something? What videos did you use? Gangnam Style?

MrDougDoug: If Girl Talk can mash-up Billy Joel with Wiz Khalifa and Yanni from his big inflatable boat with no legal recourse, then I should probably be able to get away with this with no questions asked. There are two tracks on the album. “69 StarSpangled 420” uses sixty-nine different videos of The National Anthem™ over the course of thirty + minutes. “182 In Reptiles We Trust” uses multiple versions of Donald Trump reading the poem “The Snake” and a beloved compilation that demonstrates the many ways that Trump says the word “China™”.

Jimmy™: Now can you tell me a little bit about the magical numbers? What are the magical numbers and how do they relate to The Illuminati™?

MrDougDoug: That’s an excellent question, Jimmy. The four magical numbers are 69 (representing sex), 420 (representing drugs), 182 (representing music), and 666 (representing religion). If we are living in a world that is manicured by The Reptilian Overlords™, these numbers represent the ways in which humans have attempted to obfuscate mind control from above. Conversely, the four numbers may also represent a total trap. What if sex, drugs, music, and religion are Illuminati™ constructs that were perfectly engineered to make us believe that we’re having transcendental experiences? It’s impossible to know the truth of the matter until we break free from this simulated reality.

Jimmy™: Wow man… [cough cough] that’s like… that’s like some totally heady stuff right there. HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH ALL OF THIS STUFF? It reminds me of that crazy movie where the people plug their heads into the chairs… what was it called… it had like those bugs that go in your ears and stuff…

MrDougDoug: Why thank you Jimmy™. I try my best. I believe you’re thinking of the television program Home Improvement.

Jimmy™: Love you MrDougDoug!

MrDougDoug: Love you too, Jimmy™. K bye!

Jimmy™: G’bye Mister!


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