♫♪  MssingNo - “M2 Performance Enhancer”

Producing grime for music-boxes, ballerinas, and frost on broken glass, MssingNo is back after three years to flip lonely R&B acapellas into celestial acrobatics of stars hanged ecstatic from tinsel.

don’t wake me / I’m dreamin’

The whole world spins weightless around these angelic pitch-shifted yearnings that twirl over a trap-inflected celeste until they shatter from their embrace, sparkles whirling dizzy as snow beneath a streetlamp.

dear beloved … and dear, my lover

The ballerina twirls in her broken box strewn with effervescence, lipstick, and kisses. To accompany her mechanical fouetté, the tiny tin piano-roll spins silver, slippery glass longing transposed to luster, while the dream’s falsetto swoons.

miss your touch / at night

Among the break-up’s debris were selves scattered so far away, but it’s all gathered in this lace-spangled pirouette, this twirling tapestry of love-lost love-gloss and glimmer of icy ecstasy, as if we long only to be shattered so that our shards can sparkle in the light this dancer disperses.


If MssingNo’s preceding mixtape, M1 Personal Trainer, didn’t break you beaten, click the link below to listen to M2 Performance Enhancer, that is, if there’s enough heart left to shatter.

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