♫♪  MssingNo - “Scope”

As the pitch-shifted nightcore aesthetic has found something of a revival in recent months, with Simon Whybray’s Jack댄스 dusting off the microtrend for radio drops and acts like DUCKY and DJ PayPal blending elements of the kitsch with the dizzying accelerationism of footwork (generally also in the 160bpm ballpark), one of the more interesting, innovative producers to arrive with it is MssingNo. Arguably the best producer named from a glitch in the original Pokemon cartridge (though DJ Khaled comes in a close second), MssingNo blends eurohouse kitsch with grime and trap aesthetics, flirty R&B samples, and dark club synths. As the producer gears up to release his Fones EP with XL Recordings (!!), check out the incredible “Scope;” a rich, warped pop banger from the dreamland depths of the internet.

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