♫♪  MūT - After School Program (07​/​08)

For all you geeks: MūT es Gobby. Or it’s one-third MūT is Gobby because it’s a band Gobby is in. Something like that. Shit, wait, it’s a label? Something we Choco’d a minute back.

It’s such a blessing when vocalists come from a background percussion. There’s a real flow you can here in all Gobby’s vocal works that hits. So hearing a little bit of Gobby’s After School Program (07​/​08) works manipulating harmonies of rhythm hits a lot of spots. And get’s whacky.

When all the pieces fit. The crooked images comes out like magic eye. Like, 3-D. A board game that was rarely played. That needs more time being played. Triple-taking a double-take. Insisting on it. The surprise undercover. It’s still you’re friendly neighborhood Gobby. Super G-Rated explore sesh below:

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