♫♪  Nas - “The Don”

Fuck that. I ain’t gonna spit on you about his career length or that his voice on this track sounds like Kanye and flow like Ghostface. Moreso, is Nas still killing hip-hop? Uhhh, yeah, have you not played “The Don” yet? Orange circle down below. Click it. It’s proof that when people speak about the death of hip-hop, Nas should replace the phrase “swan song.” If Nas were butter, I’d slather him all over white bread and toast it good. Outcome: delicious. Seriously, I’ve listened to this track more than 40 times now, and my nipples are still hard. AND THE BASS!!!!!!!!! Cops would only pull you over to axe if you legitimately bought this track. Then tell you, “Drive safe. And blast that shit, old man.”

• Nas: http://www.islanddefjam.com/artist/home.aspx?artistID=7312
• Def Jam: http://www.islanddefjam.com

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