♫♪  The Nativist - “The Cutting Edge (Deep Web Version)”

Like a fine, four course meal, The Nativist always aims to impress on a grandiose scale. Drawing from a variety of genres and club atmospheres, “The Cutting Edge (Deep Web Version)” serves up a stew of muscles just aching to be eaten, followed by a a habanero salad in cream Caesar dressing, entree’d in heap of chop suey, and finalized with cracked creme brulee. All the ingredients are completely home grown, organically care for, freshly cut, and acutely cared for in a trifecta of production, musicianship, and technical editing. For amateurs, “The Cutting Edge (Deep Web Version)” is utter mayhem, catching ‘em in a weave so tight, no matter how full you get, escape in impossible and will only get you trapped even more. If you’re a seasoned listening, The Nativist has no remorse for your ears either, as he just tackles sack after sack of giant bags of rice, nearly pounding it into flour for bread. Yet, with just the right amount of plays, “The Cutting Edge (Deep Web Version)” will become your new fall anthem, and exactly the encouragement you need to ramp up the start of every day to brave the onslaught of critical weather. Prepare below:

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