♫♪  The Nativist - “Medication Upon Meditation”

It’s easy to admit The Nativist is the most genuinely LIT person IRL. Like, the word ecstatic only describes a brief bit about his enthusiasm for life. Which is SO transferable to the music made under the guise, The Nativist. Let’s take the first track “Meditation Upon Medication” off Paxico Records’ newest release Various Options by The Nativist…

From what I understand, The Nativist is a Queens dweller, so that travel time is either hectic or just a complete patience game when traveling into the city. Mixed with the poised introduction of slow synths and breathing sounds in “Meditation Upon Medication,” the immediate DROP of all things jungle sort of drop in and out of audible consciousness like dreams of already arriving in NYC, while dozing off on the LIRR. Not to mention how underplayed and misused the JUNGLE genre is in 2016, The Nativist not only perfects that modern, on-the-run sound, but reappropriates the genre with a slice of “Rush to the Rave” and “American Zen 1&2.” As the perfect city soundtrack-starter, “Meditation Upon Medication” is exactly the trip to NYC that’s more “I’m REALLY getting all my steps in for today” than “Taking a bite outta the big apple.”

Paxico Records is making such big moves this year, from nu-soul to beat tapes to mixtapes to complete subway-club, and The Nativist is a heavy example of making and pushing that mark within the label’s discography. Various Options is out September 9, including remixes from Brooklyn’s finest: Color Plus and AceM0. Preorder is available now. There’s so much more to come. Bless the FUCK UP!!!

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