♫♪  The Nativist - “TASCAM 0058S34D06”

Look, this is me being real: The Nativist is TALL irl; I really like how the pic for his lastest track, “TASCAM 0058S34D06,” is just him chilling. It’s so late right now, but the perfect time to get bobbing with a beat like this with just enough energy to keep you awake. We all need a 1-up right now. Everyone is feeling so on edge. The Nativist’s super power is completely diffusing anxiety. “TASCAM 0058S34D06” is proof that tonight is forever. Put this beat in your SoundCloud playlist ASAP. Or on repeat. Actually, nevermind. The Nativist and I just signed a deal with SoundCloud and you’ll hear “TASCAM 0058S34D06” now in a variety of their commercials, training videos, and corporate offices for maximum productivity and workflow. (It’s Monday tomorrow/today, lay-off!) Eventually, The Nativist will rule the world EXCLUDING an island off the coast of Japan where I can just chill and pretend I’ve been deserted listening to his entire future discography as soundtrack to my survival.

Recorded live straight to TASCAM on 3/6/2016 in Rhythm Language Studios.” Prepare for the mantra:

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