♫♪  The Nativist - “For Those Who Know Keep It On The Low”

The Nativist is back on that jungle turn’t DEEP NYC with “For Those Who Know Keep It On The Low,” for real. That early AM race-to-get-out beat, dodging muted bullets putting your commute on fleek when the dueling tones increase and swarm the mentality of the daily grind. But they soon fade, and back to that same hit-the ground running pace swells up, only to be joined in sonic purity, almost crystallized in a moment that otherwise would be another view of the city. So in light of the title, I believe a big-old grin on your face is the only way to react to “For Those Who Know Keep It On The Low.” And The Nativist knows this grind. Duckin’ into lower Manhattan at random, throughout the week. Vibing with the city mentality. Dressing a weave around what he can control. The maintence of calming your thought processes can also be a different way of easing a completely opposite situation. “For Those Who Know Keep It On The Low” sounds like it took a long meditation to complete. The Nativist is just swimming with us now:

• The Nativist: https://soundcloud.com/the-nativist

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