♫♪  The Nativist - “White Liver”

How the fuck does The Nativist’s “White Liver” have less than 100 plays? Correction: How the fuck does The Nativist’s “White Liver” exist? This sorta jungle-atmospheric dub isn’t supposed to exist until 2087, when Tokyo goes complete club, and office atmosphere begin using strobe and neon lights as a standard in the work-place environment. Like, and it feels like running from the tallest man alive, after having seen him only sitting prior to the chase (Side Note: don’t ever let The Nativist photos confuse you, because that dude is TALL… and a hugger <3).

Sometimes on Twitter and shit, The Nativist will post pictures of his software programming, and it’s completely 2087-level. “White Liver” is complete underground, core-of-the-Earth stability. Fortified in a mirage of sounds, The Nativist relentlessly pounds a heap of beats into listeners’ psyches, expanding nodes and minds that’ll only further this sound of production. And if you’re one for them SUMMER JAM lists, y’all better add “White Liver” on there. It seriously goes so fast, you don’t even know how you danced that fast. Like, it’s something for y’all repeat ONE listeners. So give it a digi-spin below, and get MOVING:

• The Nativist: https://soundcloud.com/the-nativist

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