♫♪  Nerftoss - “Ruff Ryder”

In the future, fingerprints will be out of vogue, being that our hands will have transformed into loose nets with appendages for scooping up potential food out of the water soaked Earth. Tongue prints will be the new identifier. Protected from the elements, our caved-up lickers will be the only safe way to spot with any true discernibility who’s who. Smug dumplings all agree that THIS is the future. Oh, you don’t agree?! Who are you to disagree? Let me see that tongue! I wanna be sure you are who you say you are!!

In other news, this new Nerftoss tape, Prospect Endless, is the blissfully bizarre bit o’ honey you need in your earcandy life. Saturated, loopy grooves and introspective headphone zones await you on this reel spinner, so click the above link to swim deep in the depths of Prospect Endless, or be a chump and just preview “Ruff Ryder” below. Either way, gnaw at it.

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