♫♪  Neuport - Lil Tobacco EP

How do you become an “internet dude?” Is there a cue and subsequent internet driving test where our pages gains followers and are handed a grab bag from shallowww at it’s completion? HA, naw you grind, brother! Check NYC internet dude Neuport. Real name Mikey D. Lane, the internet dude has remixed and produced for the lot: Le1f’s “Breezy” off last year’s Fly Zone mixtape and mixed up TMT favs Hannah Diamond and The-DRUM.

Jumping up his fresh produce game, Lil Tobacco EP tears through quick, clocking in just shy of nine minutes, and slays the club. With catch lines like “Drank got me slomo, can’t see shit,” “You know we smoking loud,” and “Fuck my face” there’s nothing stopping you from chanting these phrases on the five o’clock train or in your local artisan coffee shop. And to satisfy your eye needs, Mikey made visuals for each track. What a nice internet dude!

• Neuport: https://soundcloud.com/neuport

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