♫♪  New Dreams Ltd. - Initiation Tape: Isle of Avalon Edition

It may be a little late for your initiation into the monarchy of vaporwave, but the enigmatic producer Vektroid, the force behind Macintosh Plus, Laserdisc Visions, 情報デスクVIRTUAL, New Dreams Ltd., PrismCorp, and [terabytes of] others since 2005, is the queen of the fleeting faux-capitalist genre. But what better time to start getting into vaporwave than right now? It’s 2014, you guys, and vaporwave is still dying out as the day it was born. So it’s time to continue putting down those guitars and microphones. You can stop beating your palms on stretched-out animal hide now. Just go to your computer and never come back. Hi! While you’re here, enjoy Initiation Tape: Isle of Avalon Edition, a 2014 edit of the artist’s pivotal release from 2011 (released under the name New Dreams Ltd.). It’s a bold initiation to 2014 indeed. Like looking at a painting of the future from the 50s, this music is founded in the past, but gives us hope for what is yet to come.

• Vektroid: https://vektroid.bandcamp.com

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