♫♪  Splice Girls - “S/T Preview”

Make sure you’re properly stretched out (don’t want you to sprain or strain anything… I got you) before you press play on the preview for the Splice Girls’ upcoming self-titled release, out sometime in October, ‘casue you’re gonna be a dancing — Benes style.

These ladies popped up on my radar out of the blue, and now I’m blue in the face with time spent on Mel D and Mel Z’s SoundCloud page (and there’s only TWO tracks, the other being the fractured FIRE that is “Wee Light Departed”). Munched up tape loops being reassembled into fucked-up feet-burners that induce pitted out pits, panting, and eyes-closed-in-deranged-happiness = Smilestown, USA for this chap, and I’m guessing for any of you lucky ducks who venture into Spliced World.


• Splice Girls: https://soundcloud.com/splice-girls
• Splice Girls: http://splicegirls420.blogspot.com

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