♫♪  Splice Girls - Spliceworld

You know like in horror movies when a shadow twitches? Or when them action movies zoom in on that robot who glitches out a lil bit and red-eyes into rage mode? ‘Member the moment before that zombie bit into your neck 1996 Halloween fiun-fest, and her head snaps to the right like three or five times. It’s YOU!

You can’t even fucking follow this. It’s a knot, yah? Ohhhh, fuck off with. Because when a level of. Becoming out-so within thy. Yet, the last; very last. Thing to remember would be. The way you’re eyes. Never tracked. Into a filter that glowed like a pond glimmering just. For you. Eternal.

Suite 309 opens the door to Spliceworld hosted by Splice Girls. Safe travels:

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