♫♪  New Shoppe - Pietà

That moment the voices inside narrator how you just think about shitting on yourself mentally (not physically), and a vibration reacts in the worst place imaginable, so maybe just go home because things are becoming a mess. But you brought a second pair of underwear and pants, so even if the Flushing-Main Street 7 station was outta toilet paper, you still had some fresh whites and a lion costume to change in for your work celebrating Halloween 4 days after the holiday, so everyone else in the build are like “What?” or totally freaked out about your appearance. And when you answer “Michael Phelps” to their What are you? questions, -_- emojis become IRL face-2-face, but my life is still Die Hard: With A Vengeance. Why did I ignore her after making eye contact in the subway? We all get over things. I had a great time today, Kevin! SHUT_INS like a concave of cavity in ya brains. As if a Pietà ever hurt anyone. Nah, it’s as magic as belief in the moment. Belief:

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