Imagine journalism in the future. Imagine journalism.
Imagine transgression.

How about I start from a certain side and work my way out?
Does it ever have to do about space?
Geography is more like the reality here. And fake!

Is it the sales-person’s job to convince you of the product, or the product itself that convinced the masses; if one had to choose. You were sold a fucking tree-trunk. Our money was yours.

There’s actually no escape: which is exactly how I read the label H.V.R.F. CENTRAL COMMAND! The new video “MACHINE BREATH” of single — by New Shoppe & JÓNÓ MÍ LÓ — produces shattered imagination of fragments into the future media source pommeling inconsequential confusion into the mind of all listeners. Discover reality of broadcast:

“MACHINE BREATH” is on (one of two) H.V.R.F samplers out, WORLD WAR 2020 - EPISODE 5: “FAKE NEWS” (CNN vs TRUMP), featuring a variety of enough hardvapour crust, enough to melt on a spoon and needle on into happiness. Krok:

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