♫♪  Night & Tickets - Actually I Really Hate Summer

Let the air out of your neighbor Deb’s tires, stave off the urge to dig through the dirt to talk to worms, and call your best friend’s actual best friend: Constellation Tatsu has finally birthed some new tapes into the world!

Out of the Tat’s stellar fall batch, Night & Tickets’ Actually I Really Hate Summer has been my go-to shower soundtrack as of late. The tape’s variety of scope has helped immensely with the soaping of my pores. Been scrubbing good and hard to this jammer. I’d never heard of Night & Tickets before this little old tape, but the project’s sheer amount of stacked sounds has definitely changed all of that. Hell, Actually I Really Hate Summer might even make it’s way into my top 50 albums of the year (be on the look out for TMT’s much labored over, little read Year End List in the upcoming future).

In addition to the mind melt that is Night & Tickets, peep the rest of the batch right here. Kara-Lis Coverdale’s A 480 may (gladly) make you barf due to its repetitious builds and pounding consistency; 555’s Swan River Yogue could in fact destroy and rebuild your pathetic body into a perfectly glossy representation of your former self; and Xepter Rose’s Selenitic Landscapes will perchance slay your frontal lobe to the nth degree and cause you to move to Wisconsin to grow cheese, or whatever they do there. By all means, what a freakin’ batch, am I write(r)?!?!

• Constellation tatsu: http://www.ctatsu.com

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