♫♪  555 - “Minuet and Machine”

Chris Farstad’s 555 project never fails to disappoint. New age vibes blend with occasionally discordant electronics for a sound both peaceful and unsettling. Across a small but significant discography, from Swan River Yogue through last year’s Arcosanta, Farstad is a cut above the rest of the new era new age wanderers. On “Minuet and Machine,” a fresh cut from a new cassette on Minneapolis’ MJMJ Records, shimmering synths pair with loose, splashing percussion for a mellow, introspective journey. Bare in mind, of course, that “Minuet and Machine” is one piece of the puzzle that is Thee Omega Seed, and once you immerse yourself in this little jammy you’ll want to stick around for a long while, if you know what I mean.

Be on the lookout for “Minuet and Machine” and the rest of Thee Omega Seed when it drops April 12. Pre-orders available here. Yeah, baby, yeah!

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