Nine Inch Nails
“Find My Way (Oneohtrix Point Never Remix)”

Nine Inch Nails, who released Hesitation Marks earlier this month, tapped Oneohtrix Point Never for a remix of “Find My Way,” and, predictably enough, the result is fantastic. Instead of abstracting the song, Daniel Lopatin remixes the track in a way that further accentuates the melody and articulates the chord progressions, replacing the crunchy drum programming with an adventurous set of sounds that alternate between pointillistic synth pulses and beautiful organ washes, heightening the drama considerably by the remix’s midpoint. The latter half, however, inverts the original by stripping away the noise that otherwise obscures the vocals and again emphasizes Reznor’s lyrics, letting the song finish peacefully and spiritually. Check it out here:

Oneohtrix Point Never’s R Plus Seven is out October 1 on Warp Records. While you wait, listen to “Zebra,” “Problem Areas,” ”Still Life,” and “Chrome Country” (-7).

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