♫♪  Odd Nosdam - Friends

Aye, you been sleeping on Odd Nosdam? Because I have and am way late to the Friends party, but this shit BUMPS. It’s the basement you never burned down. The fiesta you only could manage once because of pay-cuts. Friends is the reason you shower in vodka every morning to be sure your both clean AND charming. Shrimp scampi on a stake for a plate. A vanilla tuxedo swiveling white-shined shoes down a flight of never ending stairs. That heart beat that don’t feel right, but you never want to vanish. Like hating a guitar only because nobody ever used it the right way. Fighting in a way nobody gets hurt and looks more realistic than WWE. Questioning whether or not they still call it WWE, then thinking about what happened to nWo. W/e, Friends is getting lit UP by Odd Nosdam right now, and they awaiting your moves. Grind:

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