♫♪  Ohal - “All Mine (Jahiliyya Fields Remix)”

Everyone likes to watch an artist at work. It’s the closest we come to watching the birth of reality, right? Especially in an age inundated with who fucking knows how much recorded music, I often find myself taking more pleasure in witnessing artistic creation than listening to finished, meticulously polished works.

I’m saying this because I experience Jahiliyya Fields’s (Brooklyn resident and L.I.E.S. affiliate Matt Morandi) music as portraits of ideas, thoughts, and emotions rather than structured compositions. It’s music that’s present, malleable: each listen an opportunity to witness something you hadn’t before. The dance music L.I.E.S. is known for is but a faint backdrop in his music, discernible only through a fog of discrete sonic elements, each a different brushstroke working toward a larger picture.

Here, Israeli-born, Brooklyn-based artist and activist Ohal provides the pallet as Morandi remixes her track “All Mine.” Listen below, as Morandi creates a world all his own. If you enjoy the track, the download’s free — all Styles Upon Styles/Ohal ask is that you donate $1 to the Ali Forney Center, an organization dedicated to providing LGBTQ youths with housing and supportive services.

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