♫♪  Ohal - “Closer”

Compelling videos sometimes happen when conceptual simplicity is the chosen path. “Closer,” from Brooklyn by-way of Ashkelon, Israel synth-songstress Ohal is a fine example. Here are seven minutes of Ohal performing amidst classic screensaver style graphics: ripples, supernovas, turquoise tracers, dissolving tessellations, squares of plasma. Screensaver animation is really quite ornate and kaleidoscopic, if easily ignored due to context and ubiquity. So, though at times visually dense, the idea behind the video is refreshingly uncomplicated. Not like the song needs much visual heavy lifting anyway; it’s one of the best that Acid Park, a wondrous and soul-changing song cycle, has to offer. The “Closer” video probably didn’t take long to make, or break the bank, but it proves a worthy vehicle for the track’s sonic chemistry.

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