♫♪  Ohbliv - Mind Garden

Ohbliv’s got his craft down pat. Not too many can touch him on that chopped-the-fuck-up-and-then-reassembled-back-into-wholeness he’s mastered over the years. While a gaggle of beat-builders can be discovered everyday on SoundCloud and the like, he’s one of the few mainstays of the scene who continually release high-quality, truly contemplative material, the majority of which can readily be returned to without much of its initial appeal being lost. His latest output — Mind Garden — keeps in line with this, as well as maintains his own theme of disguised simplicity. You can thank the newly sprung St. Louis based label Thrash Flow for the cassettes, and at 250 deep, this one will probably be available for longer than most of his other tapes, but don’t sleep on it for too long. Its well worth your time, so long as you’re into seamlessly fractured loops that can be as complicated as you want them to be, or as easy.

Sidenote: I wonder how many rounds of replacement pads he’s gone through on his 404? Two? Thirty? NONE?!?

• Ohbliv: http://0hbliv.tumblr.com
• Thrash Flow: http://www.thrashflow.com

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