♫♪  Oneohtrix Point Never - “Leaving the Park”

Photo: Felipe Gabriel

In a little over three weeks, Warp will be releasing Oneohtrix Point Never’s soundtrack to the Safdie brothers’ film, Good Time. The soundtrack has already won the Best Soundtrack Award at Cannes, so basically everything from here on out is a victory lap since winning is the only thing that matters in this world. I’ve lost so many times in my life, which is why I’m now a music journalist, but Mr. Lopatin forges ahead with the second single from the soundtrack, following his stunning collaboration with Iggy Pop. The track is titled “Leaving the Park” and, according to the press release, “encapsulates the paradoxical nature of the main character Connie’s struggle to manipulate reality as it spins out of control.”

Look for the Good Time soundtrack August 11 via Warp, the same day as the film’s theatrical debut, and listen to “Leaving the Park” at Oneohtrix Point Never’s website.

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