♫♪  OOIOO - “Atatawa”

YO!!! This one. OOIOO up on their feet, banging sticks and mallets, tilting their heads back and ululating (ulululululating), a-wow a-a-a-wow, laying down thick basslines, meeting the gaze of a prismatic owl buffeted by shrubs and pistils.

Relevant verbs include:
鳴る - naru: “to sound, resound, echo, roar” (Radicals: 口 [mouth], 杰 [hero], 鳥 [bird, chicken])
倒す - taosu: “to topple, knock down” (Radicals: 化 [change], 刈 [cut, prune], 厶 [oneself], 土 [earth, soil], 至 [to attain])
鼓す - kosu: “to beat a drum, gather courage” (Radicals: 并 [unite], 十 [ten], 又 [again], 士 [samurai], 口 [mouth], 支 [support], 豆 [beans])
オバむ - obamu: “to chant ‘Yes we can!’ etc.”

Yoshimi P-We and company return for Gamel, the fifth OOIOO full-length on Thrill Jockey, and our lives are therefore enriched. Like fellow Boredoms Yamataka Eye and Shinji Masuko, Yoshimi’s lifer career in transmutative sounds continues to stretch into present day collaborations and long-running non-Bore ensembles. On “Atatawa,” her drums and voice lead her comrades into clattering rhythmic permutations possessed of an exuberance and carefree energy that belies the intricacy beneath the surface. Overtly inspired by gamelan music, Gamel’s polyrhythmic explorations hack out new paths through the brush far beyond the rock band paradigm — to which the quartet offers a winking, ”そうだね.”

You can preorder Gamel now in advance of the July 1 release date.

• OOIOO: http://ooioo.jp
• Thrill Jockey: http://www.thrilljockey.com

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