♫♪  Oxykitten - Fugue State

Synthesizer ingeniero and friend of evil robots Oxykitten has dropped a free album’s worth of odds-and-ends on the Field Hymns Bandcamp. Righteously described as “killer but odd cuts,” almost all 15 tracks on Fugue State clock in around two minutes, which basically makes it perfect by punk rock standards. Despite this brevity, Oxykitten maintains a consistent attention to detail. Some tracks seem perfectly suited for interludes to longer epics, while others seem to fit nicely into the score of a sci-fi B-movie that is also a romance, a musical, an inter-dimensional thriller, and a porno.

The best track on this tape by far is “Bubblegum Face,” where halfway through the whimsical jammer some back-alley-robot scuzzball whispers “I’m going to rip your face off.” I was surprised and honestly a little frightened. Like, I didn’t do anything, and I wasn’t expecting to get my face threatened while I was listening to this. A little later in the song, the robot says “I’m gonna put your face back on,” so I’m not exactly sure whether he’s being serious or not but whatever — I wouldn’t risk potential face mutilation, you know?

• Oxykitten: http://oxykitten.com
• Field Hymns: http://www.fieldhymns.com

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