♫♪  Oxykitten - “Rat Priest”

Oxykitten is back (!), and this video is shocking for a simple reason: you may find that it makes much more sense than it has any right to. Watching “Rat Priest,” understanding it will force you to doubt your foundational logic systems; it’ll compel you to consult a neurosurgeon to examine your spine. Who knew that your best lesson today in How Narrative Works would come from such a wonderfully twisted place.

Every element of “Rat Priest” relies on your familiarity with cultural phenomena. Yes, of course, Basic Instinct belongs at Blockbuster and nowhere else. Yes, of course, lasers make those sounds. Yes, of course, as our protagonist scrolls along his/her two-dimensional cosmic space, a slew of hostile sprites will come wave after wave to attack. Sonic and Mario led us down the rabbit hole and, behold, Oxykitten has met us on the other side. Ladies and Gentlemen, you have just witnessed a new breed of rationality born.

100 limited-edition, pro-dubbed, and imprinted cassettes of Oxykitten’s Octogonal Wax are available now from Field Hymns.

• Oxykitten: http://oxykitten.com
• Field Hymns: http://www.fieldhymns.com

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