♫♪  Paisley Parks - SUMMER DEATH [EP]

Ohhh, readers. How shitty was going to work/school/responsibility this morning? I for real almost cried last night. More so, it was getting dark. Not like the dark in Mad Men season 6, but because it was nighttime. So I sat outside, looking for something to complement the feeling, and then came across Paisley Parks’ SUMMER DEATH EP. As if it was some type of shaman medicine, I went from sadness to shaking. I was jitter-buggin-OUT by the 23-second mark of “Loco Playa,” and the feeling didn’t stop. “Float On Da Hoes” had me laughing hard (didn’t throw up, but it was a good release). Once “Summer Death” began banging, I focused in on the flute and drifted in and out. “10minutes” was a nice and cocky reminder that I had only really been listening to SUMMER DEATH EP for that long by the end of the track, yet it felt like an hour. My girlfriend came out during “Motha Fuckin’ Dick” and told me it was too loud (@reefer). “I Don’t Know How to Luv Her” was way more Morse code to me than pondering something important, and that was zone-central. But “Windy Windy Wind” brought that gust of open air, leaving a whimsical vibe in my mind, as I went to sleep and thought, “Yeah, Monday ain’t too bad.”

Listen below to find out how to cure them dull-day blues with Paisley Parks’ SUMMER DEATH EP:

• Paisley Parks: http://ghost045.bandcamp.com

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