Who drives a tank together down the streets of Yokohama? It’s TRAXMAN & PAISLEY PARKS, of course! And as the great-minds of juke and footwork collide like the arcade game, Rampage, you can tell which set of masterminds are working during each sample, beat, and rythm here on FAR EAST EP.

Shit in the FAR EAST EP is getting cut-the-fuck-UP, ‘cause TRAXMAN & PAISLEY PARKS are bringing the badness throughout some nasty madness. Like being balled up in millions of rubber bands, the collaboration sand singular tracks bounce around for infinity, blending the grittiest bass licks and twitchiest quick hits. So fire it up and feel the intoxication of FAR EAST EP by TRAXMAN & PAISLEY PARKS below:

• TRAXMAN: https://soundcloud.com/traxman
• PAISLEY PARKS: http://ghost045.bandcamp.com

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