♫♪  Parallel Thought - FAME

In using only music recorded at Alabama’s FAME Studios to create what is essentially a b-boy break tape, the latest release from musical collective Parallel Thought could serve as a kind of mission statement, a sonic illustration of the shared lineage of blues, rock, R&B and hip-hop, carrying on in the tradition of Eccentric Breaks & Beats Volume 2. It’s also an undeniably cohesive mix that makes me wish I knew how to breakdance and will probably at some point cause me to injure myself pretending I do. Indeed, if one was totally ignorant of the collective/label and its myriad production credits, it wouldn’t be hard to mistake them for just some really eclectic and inspired crate diggers. Lucky for hip-hop fans, they’re more than that. FAME also functions as an aperitif for Artillery Splurgin’, Parallel Thought’s upcoming collaboration with Alabama’s own Gene the Southern Child. Due out May 7, this album marks the follow-up to 2012’s A Ride With The Southern Child. Check out the lead single, “Gangsta Shit,” here, and keep some ice handy for when you twist your ankle enjoying the stream below.

• Parallel Thought: http://pthought.com

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