Gene The Southern Child & Parallel Thought
“Artillery Splurgin’”

1. weapons (as bows, slings, and catapults) for discharging missiles
2. large bore crew-served mounted firearms (as guns, howitzers, and rockets)
3. means of impressing, arguing, or persuading

1. an ostentatious effort, display, or expenditure

In light of several recent tragedies (see: crazy white kids mowing down crowds of innocents, with no apparent motive other than batshit insanity), titling an album Artillery Splurgin’ might come across as either a ballsy move or a crass attempt at generating buzz. The fact of the matter is that rapper Gene the Southern Child and producers Parallel Thought had already picked out the name back in July 2012, months before the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre occurred or subsequently proposed gun control legislation prompted arms enthusiasts to “splurge” on “artillery.”

Hence, the phrase is likely meant to describe shooting anything that moves rather than stockpiling weaponry. Besides, Gene’s lyrics are more directly concerned with the kids of Florence, AL than those of Newtown, CT, so any perceived association with Sandy Hook or similar events is exactly that — perceived. That the artists refused to compromise their vision can and should be commended as a brave defense of the First Amendment, but only briefly because (1) it’s highly unlikely anybody requested that they change the title; (2) they probably couldn’t care less; and (3) all that bullshit gets in the way of enjoying the music for what it is: soulful Southern rap about shooting any fucking thing that moves.

All controversy aside, we at Tiny Mix Tapes are proud to present “Artillery Splurgin’,” the title cut off the upcoming album from Gene the Southern Child & Parallel Thought, which is slated for a May 7 CD/digital release.

…Now try to enjoy it without killing anybody, ya hear?

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