♫♪  party trash - “close”

One day awhile ago, a cassette tape by party trash arrived on my door step. And I will forever appreciate and cherish these moments of physical reach-out — whether or not I am into the music riddling my mind. So, to continue diving into the longevity of party trash, their new single “close” reminds me of a solid cross between Cough Cool and Russian Tslag. There’s a very I seriously want you to look away, but watch me bleed vibe mingled with I live in the ‘burbs and everything needs to melt melody that is irresistibly poignant, while feisty in ripping away, that all the tape fuckery in the world couldn’t slur. So wipe your upper lip to this piece of fur, cause if you wanna get “close” we better be hanging in party trash. What’s that smell?

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