♫♪  PARTY TRASH - switch hitters

It seems by the time I get back around to thinking to check the PARTY TRASH Bandcamp page (yeah, still haven’t caught onto the whole “Follow” thing), a new release has been posted. And not just a song or four demo tracks from a new EP. Thirty-something song tracklists. Perfect vignettes of party trash. Last night’s playlist resembled the ears of that guy who blacked out three times in total. Young drunks not knowing how to throw ‘em back. “What’s happenin’?” Thirty-five shots? Someone get this kid to the fucking hospital.

Three bones for switch hitters? That’s only eight-something cents a track. Upturn the couch cushions. Take back last night’s cans. In fact, get rid of all this PARTY TRASH and let’s clean up a bit, while we’re at it.

• PARTY TRASH: http://partytrash.bandcamp.com

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