♫♪  Peaking Lights - RESONATING FRICTION (Part 1)

Get ready to clap and vibe out, because Peaking Lights is bringing it this summer with a whole new mix series with RESONATING FRICTION (Part 1). Toss on the shades. Get something breezy on. Feel the sea/lake/ocean/river/pool mist on your lips. Take the sand out your ears. Bleach the grass stains out of them shoes. Don’t show up today, even. Lean back. Pace yourself with RESONATING FRICTION. Sunrise with Peaking Lights’ new mix. And get a bit of knowledge.

ThIs is the first of series of Mixes to be released over the summer months. Just been feeling inspired this summer so thought to share some tunes that have aided our inspiration in life. Hope everyone has a great summer and beyond!

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