Peaking Lights share new track “I’ll Be In the Sky” from upcoming album The Fifth State of Consciousness

Peaking Lights share new track “I’ll Be In the Sky” from upcoming album The Fifth State of Consciousness
Cognitive scientists positing more than four states of consciousness finally vindicated.

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that Peaking Lights announced their upcoming fifth album, The Fifth State of Consciousness, last month. The LP isn’t due until June 16, but music marketing convention dictates that a certain number of preview songs should be made available before an album’s release, in order to make wary music consumers aware of the product and give them a sample of what it might sound like. It’s all pretty standard stuff.

To that end, the L.A. band has shared the second song from the new record, entitled “I’ll Be In the Sky,” which you can listen to right here on this very page if you just use that nifty little mouse wheel/down-arrow key/touch pad/index finger to navigate below all this pesky “context.”

The new album, which is coming via Two Flower Records, is being billed as a transformative psych-experience. According to press materials, “the creative process was filled with odd gadgetry, playful experimentation and deep, alchemical soul” which finds the band exploring themes as diverse as “dreams, strength, a loss of innocence, and seeking an enlightened state of being after overcoming life’s trials and tribulations.” It all sounds pretty psychedelic, so you might want to try to, you know, open your mind before you get too deep in this stuff.

Peaking Lights previously shared the song “Everytime I See the Light,” which is also from The Fifth State of Consciousness; but I’d ask that you click this link to the Peaking Lights Soundcloud page to listen to it so that you aren’t distracted from the more recent “I’ll Be In the Sky” embed (which—again—you can find below), because — like all of the professional, no-nonsense journalists working here at Tiny Mix Tapes — I am firmly committed to remaining as faithful as possible to the traditional album marketing cycle.

Thank you, and I love you.

The Fifth State of Consciousness tracklisting:

01. Dreaming Outside
02. Coyote Ghost Melodies
03. Everytime I See the Light
04. I’ll Be In the Sky
05. Love Can Move the Mountains
06. Sweetness Isn’t Far Away
07. Que Du Bon
08. A Phoenix and a Fish
09. Eclipse of the Heart
10. In My Disguise
11. Put Down Your Guns
12. Wild Paradise

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