♫♪  Peter Kris - Dutch Flat

It’s nice to see Peter Kris in a (relatively) good mood on Dutch Flat (Patient Sounds) — all that dank, grimy, industrial dub he specializes in through his “day job” as a member of German Army probably gets under his skin after a while, and the only remedy is taking a step back and clearing his head. And by clearing his head, I mean he scorches the crap out of that thing until there’s nothing but blank wasteland and serene smiles for miles and miles…

But what is a “Peter Kris good mood”? Is it that lobotomized sense of placid mental cleanliness that I’m also currently experiencing now that Kris’s guitar has supernova’d and scoured the crevasses of my brainpan? Is it the gallows humor of knowing moments before extinction that the end is nigh and there’s nothing you can do about it but grin? Is it some sort of psychic chicanery whereby upon experiencing Dutch Flat your body is left behind as your spirit ascends into the greater Universe? Can the “mood” even be defined as “good,” a Peter Kris one or not?

It sure can, because for me, in the end, I feel nothing but great about myself, good enough to maybe even drop a couple good-natured Peter Criss references up in here to get a chuckle out of you. But pay your attention to Peter Kris-with-a-K — he beams light through his amp as nuclear fission, beams subatomic particles through his amp as dark matter. The result is within you.

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