♫♪  PLOM - Grans Obres Plàstiques

Hi! So, I put this new album Grans Obres Plàstiques by PLOM on at work, and I asked Troy how he liked it. Troy is a good co-worker of mine, we always got each other’s backs, he claims to have like 700 cassette tapes (he’s eight years older than my 31 years, and has been gripping mixes and releases up here in Harlem for about three decades), but predominately major-label releases. Troy asked, “You’re playing music?” Mind you, saxophone and piano are slightly swelling my laptop speakers right now, the fan is on his face, and maybe he’s showing his age. He put his headphones in nonchalant, but inoffensively too. Like, I’m not even sure if he knew.

Anyhow, NYAPSTER continues their adventures in experimental sounds, new example Grans Obres Plàstiques that comes at listeners like a found-sound, tunnel wait-room area that is as inviting as it is dreary. But this is dreary in a charming way. A way where it’s open to most people traveling through it, open to the echoes that reach in and throughout, open like the chest of a human that’s ripped out their heart for a breath of fresh air: OPEN. So sit down with PLOM. Feel the breeze in Grans Obres Plàstiques, below:

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