♫♪  pOrtals - “P_OST_TT”

Just to feel it, right? You can see it so much further away, but is it? Follow the resonation of being. Vibrate with matter like never before. There’ are pOrtals throughout reality that only exists in the pockets; typically ignored. The reality will inevitably always be worth taking a risk. Like finding the greatest loot known to man, in your backyard, and learning how to share. Is here even worth it any more? There is no key to life, so explore to your body’s contempt. Breathe in every bit of life wherever, forever. Only way out is to escape. What mystery lies beyond? Discover within pOrtals.

“P_OST_TT” is the musical score to a deep-web narrative project hosted by Quantum Natives, and made by Rosen. As they’ve divulge secrets about other project coming out before pOrtals, Quantum Natives is hosting a bit of an online-journal in various locations of the Internet following this project up until its existence, which is coming SOON! Be on the look out for a few rabbit holes, and in the mean-time, enjoy “P_OST_TT” stream below by pOrtals:

• Quantum Natives: http://quantumnatives.com/#_lat=-23.572515&long=128.269618&zoom=6

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