♫♪  Potions - “Sway Vacay”

I’ll be honest, I was a little on the fence about this Potions tape when I first heard it. An overwhelming “MEHHHHHH” feeling crept up, as a seeming lack of “hooks” and discernible “direction” left me a bit puzzled. Never one to give up on a 100% Silk release, I trudged along, giving Tom Owens’ latest a little more time. Right on cue, so it would seem, “Sway Vacay,” and the rest of Phased, spoke to me. I got it! This isn’t really a dance tape, at least not in the way other SILK releases are. “Sway Vacay” shows off the tape’s “too crazy to work but somehow it works” vibe: future space free jazz lounge music. Is this the next hot genre tag? Am I the devil himself? Thankfully, for all of you out there, Phased is still available as of this writing, so don’t delay. Embrace future space free jazz lounge music!

• Potions: http://www.prettyallright.com/
• 100% Silk: www.listentosilk.com

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